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University of Chicago:  Chicago, Illinois

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

Completed required course work towards a Ph.D. in Near Eastern history, 1980

Focus:  History of Mesopotamia and Iran; Assyriology; Elamite Language

A.M. Summer 2005


University of Wisconsin:  Madison, Wisconsin

B.A., Department of History, 1976





Head, Blegen Library                                                                                                     July 2005 - Current

The American School of Classical Studies

Responsible for the operation and development of the American School of Classical Studies’ Research Library on Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology.


Research Associate                                                                                                         July 1999 - Current

The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago


Research Archivist - Bibliographer                                                                          April 1983 – June 2005

The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Responsible for the operation and development of the Research Archives, which is the primary research facility of The Oriental Institute and the foremost library on the Ancient Near East in the Western Hemisphere.


Tablet Collection Supervisor                                                                                      July 1977 - September 1981

The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Responsible for the organization, safekeeping, conservation and reference services for The Oriental Institute’s collection of cuneiform tablets.






Review of: Archives and Libraries in the Ancient Near East, 1500-300 B.C.  By Olof Pedersen. Bethesda, Md.:  CDL Press, 1998.  xxii, 291 pp. $42.00. ISBN 1-883053-39-0.  In Libraries & Cultyre: A Journal of Library History. Volume 39, Number 3 (Summer 2004)


The Oriental Institute Research Archives Unified Abbreviations List for Ancient Near Eastern Studies.  Compiled by the Staff of the Research Archives under the Supervision and Editorship of Charles E. Jones.1st (local) edition, Winter 2004.  ca. Twelve thousand entries.  Web-accessible version currently in production.


With Wouter Henkelman and Matthew W. Stolper, “Achaemenid clay bullae with seal impressions in the Dutch Institute of the Near East (NINO), Leiden,” ARTA:  Achaemenid Researches on Texts and Archaeology (2004)



With Matthew W. Stolper. “Hallock, Richard T.,” Encyclopaedia Iranica. New York: Bibliotheca Persica; 2003. Volume XI, Fascicle 6 : Hajj Sayyah – Harem. Pages 592-594.


Garrison, Mark B.; Root, Margaret Cool. Seals on the Persepolis Fortification Tablets. Volume I:  Images of Heroic Encounter. With Seal Inscription Readings by Charles E. Jones. Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago; 2001. 2 volumes (xxxiv + 562 pages [including 25 charts, 9 figures, and an illustrated catalogue of 312 seals] + 291 plates). (Oriental Institute Publications; v. 117). ISBN: 1-885923-12-0.


Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisition List,”  N.A.B.U. Nouvelles Assyriologiques BrŹves et Utilitaires Volume 2000 , Number 4 (Décembre 2000).


“Bibliography of the Publications and Communications of Edward F. Wente Through October 1999,” Essays in Ancient Civilization Presented to Edward F. Wente, edited by Emily Teeter and John Larson, pages xxv-xxxi.  Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago;  2000.  (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization. 58).


With David Schloen, "Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts,” Ariadne, No. 22 (December 1999)



“ZiĆĆabarna (*Cićafarnah), not UĆĆabarna in PFS 36*,” N.A.B.U.: Nouvelles Assyriologiques BrŹves et Utilitaires, Volume 1999, Number 3 (September 1999).


“The Web Editor: Abzu and Beyond,” Ariadne, No. 21 (September 1999).



With John C. Sanders, “Oriental Institute Electronic Resources,” The Oriental Institute Annual Report. [Annually 1994-2004]


The Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisitions List with an Indexed List of Essays Articles and Reviews.  (Editor).  Published by The Oriental Institute quarterly from January 1992-July 1994; Published bi-monthly from 1984-1991


Oriental Institute Research Archives Bibliographical and Informational Documents:  Supplements to Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisitions List.  (Editor).  Published occasionally since 1992.

No. 1:  Paul M. Cobb.  Islamic Studies at the Oriental Institute Research Archives:  A Guide to Resources. [1992].

No. 2:  Terry G. Wilfong.  Women in the Ancient Near East:  A Select Bibliography of Recent Sources in The Oriental Institute Research Archives. [1992]

Subsequent issues of the series are available exclusively on line [see below].


“Bibliography of Miguel Civil (through 15 November 1991),” Velles Paraules:  Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Honor of Miguel Civil on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday, edited by P. Michalowski, P. Steinkeller, E. C. Stone and R. L. Zettler.  Pages 283-290.  Barcelona: Editorial Ausa; 1993.  (Aula Orientalis:  Revista de Estudios del Próximo Oriente Antiguo; v. 9:1-2 [enero/julio 1991]).

“Mesopotamian Bookshelf,” Mar Āipri, Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring 1990).


“Dissertations Completed,” Directory of North American Egyptologists.  [Appearing annually since 1990].


PirradaziĆ:  Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies.  (Editor).  [This semi-annual newsletter first appeared in July 1990.  The eighth and final issue appeared in April 1994].


“Bibliography of the Publications and Communications of Helene J. Kantor (through June 15, 1988) ,” Essays in Ancient Civilization Presented to Helene J. Kantor, edited by Albert Leonard and Bruce Beyer Williams.  Pages xxxi-xxxix.  Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago; 1989.  (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization; v. 47).


With M. W. Stolper, “Two Late Elamite Tablets at Yale,”  Fragmenta historiae elamicae:  Mélanges offerts ą M. J. Steve, edited by L. De Meyer, H. Gasche and F. Vallat.  Pages 243-254.  Paris:  Éditions Recherche sur les Civilisations, 1986.


“Research Archives,” The Oriental Institute Annual Report. [Annually 1983-2004]





Abzu:  Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet.  (Editor).  Abzu is an experimental guide to the rapidly increasing and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East.  Abzu seeks to provide a hypertextual guide to this material through a series of interrelated indexes on the World Wide Web:


Abzu has been selected as one of the University of Chicago Library CORC [Cooperative Online Resource Catalog] projects:

For complete information on CORC see the OCLC Web pages at:


For samples of material catalogued in Abzu in recent months see:



ANE List [Ancient Near East].  (List owner and Moderator).  An academic on-line discussion group focusing on subjects relating to the Ancient Near East, from the Indus to the Nile, and from the beginnings of human habitation to the rise of Islam.  Ca. 1400 current subscribers:



ANENews [A moderated sub-set of the above]



A Bibliography of Ugaritic Grammar and Biblical Hebrew Grammar in the Twentieth Century. By Mark S. Smith (Editor and Pubisher)


ETANA-Abzu-news: Providing occasional reports on developments at ETANA and Abzu.. (List owner and Moderator).




Iraq Bibliographiess.  (Editor and Compiler]. An index of bibliographies compiled in response to the cultural heritage crisis in Iraq during and after the war in Spring 2003.



“Iraqi Library Stamps.” (Compiler and Editor) Chicago: Middle East Librarians Association; 2004.


IraqCrisis.  (List-owner and Moderator). A moderated list for communicating substantive information on cultural property damaged, destroyed or lost from Libraries and Museums in Iraq during and after the war in April 2003, and on the worldwide response to the crisis



The Middle East Librarians Association: Committee on Iraqi Libraries.  (Member of the Committee and Web-Editor).  This web-based resource has published a wide variety of documentation on the Library situation in both pre- and post-war Iraq, including

Report on the Central Awqaf Library and Report on the Central Library of Baghdad University / Al-Waziriya, by Zain Al-Naqshbandi.

The Library of Congress and the Cultural Property Office of the US Department of State Mission To Baghdad Report on the National Library and the House of Manuscripts. October 27-November 3, 2003


Middle East MELA Committee on Iraqi Libraries: Aims & Strategies

Names and Contact Information for Senior Administrators and Librarians at Institutions in Iraq

Bosnian Libraries: Their Fate in the War and Responses to it, with Lessons for Iraq

The Iraqi Jewish Archive Preservation Report

Iraq Manuscript Collections, Archives, & Libraries: Situation Report

 List of Manuscript Catalogs of Iraqi Museums and Libraries



OI Newsletter.  (Editor) Nine issues annually each month – October-June All current and back issues have been published on-line this year.



On-Line Catalogue of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute.  (Editor). The on-line catalogue of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute is an extension of, and ultimately a successor to, the card catalogue of the collection.  Following in the tradition established by the Oriental Institute collections (which merged with the University of Chicago Libraries a quarter-century ago) all cataloguing is produced locally, and includes analytical entries for each essay, article, and review included in materials acquired for the collection.  The on-line catalogue covers materials acquired in the collection since the late nineteen-eighties, as well as including substantial corpora of retrospective conversions.  The catalogue has been accessible locally since 1990 and globally since January 2000.



Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisitions Lists. (Editor). For many years, lists of recent acquisitions in the Research Archives were produced periodically and distributed informally. For a period in the 1990s the acquisitions lists were published more formally (see above), but that ambitious project was abandoned in 1995. Beginning in the Summer of 2000 the Research Archives Acquisitions Lists are distributed monthly -- free of charge -- by means of an automated e-mailing list called "RAbooks".  These are also published on the web.



The Oriental Institute On-Line.  (Collaborator and Co-Editor with John C. Sanders).  A developing resource presenting the Oriental Institute on the World Wide Web.  Initially conceived of as an on-line analog of the Oriental Institute’s public education and membership publications and presentations, we have now developed The Oriental Institute On-line far beyond that.  It currently presents a complex mixture of republished and original scholarship, imaginative use of still and motion imagery, remote access to museum, archival and photographic collections, news and information, and expert reference services for the international community:



Oriental Institute Research Archives Bibliographical and Informational Documents.  (Editor).  Beginning with No. 2 these documents are on-line:


2. Women in the Ancient Near East: A Select Bibliography of Recent [1988-1992] Sources in The Oriental Institute Research Archives, by Terry G. Wilfong.



3. Abzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet, by Charles E. Jones.



4. Dissertation Proposals in Ancient Near Eastern Studies Approved by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, the University of Chicago

Egyptian Women in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt: The Economic and Legal Activities of Women in Demotic Texts, by Alexandra A. O’Brien.  [This dissertation is now complete].


Political Change and Cultural Continuity in Eshnunna from the Ur III to the Old Babylonian Period, by Clemens Reichel.


The Socioeconomic Organization of the Metalworkers During the Late Bronze Period at Ugarit, by Jill Ashley Fine.


Technological Style in Early Bronze Age Anatolia, by  Elizabeth S. Friedman. [This dissertation is now complete].


A Structural Analysis of Ben Sira 40:11- 44:15, by Eric Reymond. [This dissertation is now complete].


Continuity and Change of Reproductive Beliefs and Practices in Egypt from Ancient to Modern Times, by Nicole B. Hansen



5. Death in Ancient Egypt, by Alexandra A. O’Brien.



6. Demotic Texts published on the World Wide Web, by Alexandra A. O’Brien.



7. Directory of North American Egyptologists, edited by Richard H. Wilkinson and Charles E. Jones.



8. Disjecta Membra in Araneo - Scattered Remains on the Web, by Alexandra A. O’Brien.



9. Egypt and the Ancient Near East: Web Resources for Young People and Teachers, by Alexandra A. O'Brien.



10. Recommended Reading On The Ancient Near East: A Guide to Introductory Readings on the Ancient Near Eastern World, a collaborative publication of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, the Oriental Institute Museum, and the Oriental Institute Museum Education Program.



11. Web Guides and Tools for the Oriental Institute Web site.

Search the Oriental Institute Web Space.


Persepolis and Ancient Iran:  Thumbnail Images from Oriental Institute Web Pages.


Ancient Egypt and Nubia:  Thumbnail Images from Oriental Institute Web Pages.



Oriental Institute Research Archives:  Directory of Resources, Introduction and Guide.  (Editor).  Including on-line versions of recent issues of: “Research Archives” and “Oriental Institute Electronic Resources” [see above]:




“Pictures of Damaged Libraries in Iraq,” (Compiler and Editor). Chicago: Middle East Librarians Association; 2004.


Preliminary bibliography of books documenting the contents of the Iraq Museum, the National Library and Archives, and the MS collection of the Ministry of Religious Endowments - all in Baghdad - as well as of other damaged or destroyed collections in Baghdad or elsewhere in Iraq including Mosul, Basrah, Suleimaniyeh, etc.,” Oriental Institute Research Archives On-Line. Chicago: The Oriental Institute; 2004; in Association with Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraq Libraries.


Preliminary Bibliography Of Publications Documenting The Cylinder And Stamp Seals And Seal Impressions In The Collections Of The Iraq Museum Baghdad, and an index by museum number of objects published in the Preliminary Bibliography,” Oriental Institute Research Archives On-Line. Chicago: The Oriental Institute; 2004; in Association with Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraq Libraries.








Bibliographies of the work of the Gene B. Gragg and Robert D. Biggs to appear in:


Papers in Comparative Semitics and Afroasiatic from a Symposium in Honor of Gene B. Gragg. Edited by Cynthia L. Miller. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 60.


Studies Presented to Robert D. Biggs, June 4, 2004, from the Workshop of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary. Edited by Martha T. Roth, Walter Farber, and Matthew W. Stolper


With Matthew W. Stolper, A survey of Scatttered Achaemenid Elamite Administrative Tablets,” To appear in the Proceedings of The First International Conference on the Ancient Cultural Relations Between Iran and West Asia, Tehran, August 2003 (2005?)







Arabic Documents from the Oriental Institute Museum.  The Oriental Institute in collaboration with Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center, Cairo; Forthcoming. [CD-ROM publication - Being the initial photographic documentation with a catalogue and related material covering a substantial portion of the Oriental Institute’s collection of early Arabic texts, including Qur'ans, documentary, and literary texts]


The Oriental Institute Archaeological Newsletter, 1950-1973.  Chicago: The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute; Forthcoming .  [Web-based publication of two and a half decades of archaeological letters from the field]


With M. W. Stolper.  New Texts from the Persepolis Fortification Archive, Edited from the Notes of Richard T. Hallock and Based on Autopsy of the Tablets:  PFNN.0001 - PFNN.0600.  To be published on-line by The Oriental Institute. [Initial publication of a substantial corpus of documentary texts in Elamite from Persepolis (509-494 B.C.E.)]


“Aegeo-Anatolian Documents from the Persepolis Fortification Archive.”


“The Greek Inscriptions from the ‘Fratakara Temple’ at Persepolis.”


“The Find Spot of the Archive in the Northern Fortification Wall on the Terrace at Persepolis.”


A Guide to Bibliographical Sources and Resources for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean World.





achemenet: Sur le moyen et long terme, l’objectif est d’offrir aux collégues, aux étudiants et au grand public un accés direct ą toute la documentation d'époque achéménide.  Member of the Steering Committee.


Alexandria Archive Institute.  Member of the Advisory Board.


Ariadne. Ariadne magazine is aimed at both librarians and information science professionals in academic libraries, and also to interested lay people in the UK Higher Education community. Coordinator for text encoding, available web resources, and tool developments relating to the Ancient Near East.



ARTA:  Achaemenid Researches on Texts and Archaeology.  Member of the Editorial Board



CNRS.  Groupe de Recherche 2538 RIERA: Réseau international d'études et de recherches achéménides”


ETANA: Electronic tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives.  Chairman of the Content Committee of this project, funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraqi Libraries.  Member of the Committee, Editor of the web presence.



Oriental Institute Iraq Working Group.  Member of the Committee, co-Editor of the Web presence.



XSTAR:  XML System for Textual and Archaeological Research. Adviser and Pilot Data Provider.





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American Society of Papyrologists

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