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Egypt and the

Ancient Near East

Web Resources for Young People and Teachers

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The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago

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Ancient Near East
Non-Egyptian Mummies

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Ancient Near East


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Sites for Young People

Sites about Egypt

Amsterdam History Projects

(Ms Hos-McGrane's Grades 5 and 6 social studies classes)

The Ancient Egypt Site

This attractive and colourful site is compiled by Jacques Kinnaer, a Belgian Egyptologist.

Ancient Sites

Ashmolean, Griffith Institute

BBC On-Line

Medicine Through Time

Bech, Sussi and Frank Madsen

British Museum

Department of Egyptian Antiquities

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

CCER - Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research

Cleveland Museum of Art

Cyberkids (this is an on-line magazine for children)

Cyber Mummy "Unlock the secrets of a mummy with the help of modern medical imagery, a supercomputer, and an archeologist."

This site includes a movie of a CAT-scan of the mummy (requires QTVR/AVI or MPEG plug-ins):

Discovery Channel

Egypt World

A large, colourful site on all aspects of Egyptian culture and history put together by three high school students for ThinkQuest 1998 (an international academic competition for students aged 12 to 19).

Guardian's Egypt

History Channel

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

The Journeyman Homepage- lots of photos with journals of trips to Egypt

The Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura, Saqqara, Egypt

3D reconstruction of an ancient Egyptian tomb chapel


Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

This attractive site surveys the history and culture of ancient Egypt, with menus on:

The Mining Co.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Museum of Fine Art, Houston

National Geographic Television

P. S. Neeley's Egyptian Games for Windows

Newton's Apple (TV Show)

Nova Online: "This Old Pyramid" and "This Old Obelisk"

O'Brien, Alexandra

Oriental Institute

Le Ramesseum

The Royal Ontario Museum


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


Splendors of Ancient Egypt from the St. Petersburg Times

The Step Pyramid of Djoser

The University of Illinois Mummy Project

Think Quest

Welcome to Ancient Mediterranean History!

Wild Egypt: an on-line safari for all ages!

Sites about the ancient Near East

Children's Books on the Ancient World A Selective Bibliography

Le Village Virtuel: Le Village Emmaüs

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Detroit Institute of Art

Focus on Mediterranean Civilizations

Israel Antiquities Authority

Israel Museum


The Mining Co.

KidSat at NASA (kids exploring the earth through satellite images):

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

P. S. Neeley's Games for Windows

Newton's Apple

Nova Online: The Lost City of Ubar

Oriental Institute

Royal Ontario Museum

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Non-Egyptian Mummies

BBC Horizon Programme notes and additional information, including several shows on ice mummies

Discovery Channel

The Mountain Institute

National Geographic

Nova On-Line

Museum, Organisation and Society Home Pages for Young People

British Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sites for Teachers

Education Service Pages

These sites include material relevant to most of the ancient Near East, however, most of these links are the home pages of museum education departments which only contain details of how to contact these departments. Teachers should also use the links above; I have not included this material below to avoid duplication.

Archaeological Institute of America

The Archaeological Museum Of Bologna


British Museum

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Cleveland Museum of Art

Detriot Institute of Arts

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Library of Congress

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Oriental Institute

Royal Ontario Museum

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Ancient Near East

Library of Congress

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Oriental Institute


Material relating to Egypt can also be found in the more general sites above.
A&E Classroom Materials Alexandria historical information on this Egyptian city from ancient to modern times including: Cairo historical information on this Egyptian city from ancient to modern times including:

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Detroit Institute of Arts

The Field Museum of Natural History

H-Net Reviews

H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences is an online scholarly review journal

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Nova Online

O'Brien, Alexandra

Oriental Institute

Royal Ontario Museum


The Step Pyramid of Djoser

The World Art Treasures Www Server of the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation an image-based site including:


National Geographic Maps

Oriental Institute

University of Texas

Maps scanned from a huge collection. The following pages have links to many, many maps.

The Ancient World in the News

The Atrium

including two sites with links to the latest news stories relating to the ancient world:

Some of these pages have been extracted from Abzu (compiled by Charles E. Jones). They have been compiled here on a separate page for the sake of convenience (they were hard to find amongst all the entries in Abzu) and the entries have been expanded with some additions.

What's New

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This document went on-line on 5th February 1997.

August 10th

  • Addition of many links to the British Museum and especially to the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, with a now much expanded web-presence.
  • Links to ancient Near Eastern collections of the Detroit Institute of Art.

    August 6th

  • Updated links to Young Friends of the British Museum.
  • Added World Art Treasures pictures of ancient Egypt which can all be turned into puzzles!
  • DIA tips page for families with young children.

    July 20th

  • Links to Guardian's Egypt updated and link to Kids' Section added.
  • History Channel and Tomb of the Pharaohs Game.
  • Discovery Channel and Discovery School including several pages on Cleopatra and the discoveries in the sea off Alexandria.
  • Mummies in the Mist - Peruvian mummies on the Discovery Channel website.
  • Detroit Institute of Art education department's lesson plans on Egypt for teachers.

    April 4th, 1999

  • The Ancient Egypt Site, Jacques Kinnaer's extensive site on the monuments and history of Egypt.
  • BBC Schools programme "Medicine Through Time" website for students and for teachers.
  • The Mountain Institute with further information on the "Ice Maiden," Inca mummy.
  • Le Ramesseum, information and images of Ramesses II's mortuary temple and tomb.
  • Public and Education pages of the Field Museum of Natural History.

    December 6th

  • H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences, including H-AfrTeach. The H-Net List for Teaching About Africa.

    October 6th

  • Egypt World from ThinkQuest 1998.

    October 1st

  • Children's Books on the Ancient World A Selective Bibliography

    September 21st

  • Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
  • State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Education Office

    July 31st

  • Autopsie d'une momie. Slideshow of autopsy of a mummy.
  • Young Friends of the British Museum.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art FAQs for Kids
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art Teacher and School Info

    June 3rd

  • Ancient World in the News via David Meadow's site The Atrium
  • Journeyman Homepage - photojournals of Egypt
  • Amsterdam History Projects by 5th and 6th Graders
  • On-line maps of the world from the University of Texas Library
  • Oriental Institute Ancient Near East Site Maps
  • Think Quest's Ancient Egypt site

    May 7th

  • Focus on Mediterranean Civilizations with pages on Ancient Anatolia (Turkey), Egypt, and Jordan
  • Egyptian Antiquities and Ancient Near Eastern Antiquities in the Louvre
  • The Mining Co. Guide to Web pages producers by grader-schoolers on the ancient world
  • Israel Museum

    April 3rd

  • Links to Royal Ontario Museum sites updated

    March 20th

  • Le Village Virtuel: Le Village Emmaüs
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Glory of Byzantium

    February 18th

  • Israel Antiquities Authority
  • Wild Egypt, an on-line safari
  • The Funerary Chapel of Ka(i)pura, Saqqara
  • Ancient Sites walking tour of ancient Saqqara

    February 6th
    Reformatting of title and headings section. Addition of Recommended Readings on the Ancient Near East, with bibliographies for students on Egypt, Nubia and Mesopotamia and teachers Egypt, Nubia and Mesopotamia. Addition of Oriental Institute Map Series.

    January 7th, 1998
    Corrections made to various outdated links.

    October 30th
    Addition of Newton's Apple on "How do Archaeologists Know Where to Dig?" and Nova's site on "The Lost City of Ubar."

    October 21st
    Addition of Detroit Institute of Arts "Splendors of Ancient Egypt" Exhibition's Lesson Plans for Teachers.

    September 18th
    Addition of University of Illinois Mummy Project. Material from National Geographic including maps, and pages on Egyptian mummies and an Inca ice mummy.

    June 9th
    Addition of Cyber Mummy, the Splendors of Ancient Egypt site at the St. Petersburg Times and updating links within the Royal Ontario Museum site.

    April 30th
    Removal of A&E Special Show on Mummies as it is no longer available. Additions: A&E classroom materials for the shows on mummies and Nefertiti.

    April 29th
    Carnegie Museum of Natural History including material on ancient Egypt for teachers and schoolchildren and links to the museum's Education department.

    April 9th
    Tutankhamun's trumpet and "Find the Pharaoh's Name" puzzle from the CCER. Updated links for Cleveland Museum of Art's Education pages.

    March 15th
    Changes in the design of the header and contents list
    Seven Wonders of the World (Great Pyramid, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Pharos, and Temple of Artemis at Ephesus), Clickable Plan of Step Pyramid and pages on Alexandria and Cairo

    March 13th
    Argos search engine form
    BBC Horizon homepage and programmes on Ice Mummies, further material on Nova "This Old Obelisk" and "This Old Pyramid"; Guardian's Egypt homepage and links to satellite images of Egypt and on-line tour of Egypt within that site; NASA's KidSat homepage and exploration sites on Ubar and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

    March 5th
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts homepage and much of the contents within the site, chiefly World Mythology

    February 18th
    Cyberkids homepage, Ancient Egyptian Beliefs and Pyramid Crossword Puzzle

    February 6th 1997
    Nova: This Old Pyramid site with links to much of the contents
    Death in Ancient Egypt

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