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Iraq Bibliographies

These bibliographies have been compiled in response to the cultural heritage crisis in Iraq during and after the war in Spring 2003.

Preliminary bibliography of books documenting the contents of the Iraq Museum, the National Library and Archives, and the MS collection of the Ministry of Religious Endowments - all in Baghdad - as well as of other damaged or destroyed collections in Baghdad or elsewhere in Iraq including Mosul, Basrah, Suleimaniyeh, etc., by Charles E. Jones, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Edouard Méténier's comments, made on 11 May 2003 on the IraqCrisis list refer to the above mentioned Preliminary bibliography... by numbered item. The version current at that date is archived here for easier reference: Version 11: May 7, 2003 - 169 titles.

List of Manuscript Catalogs of Iraqi Museums and Libraries, by Shayee Khanaka, Univ. of California, Berkeley
[This is a list of manuscript catalogs of Iraqi Museums and Libraries, including the Libraries that own each item by FirstSearch Symbols. At the end of the list is a key to Library symbols. Additional information is requested from anyone who can supply it.]

Preliminary Bibliography Of Publications Documenting The Cylinder And Stamp Seals And Seal Impressions In The Collections Of The Iraq Museum Baghdad, and an index by museum number of objects published in the Preliminary Bibliography, by Charles E. Jones, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Government Views of Iraq, [This resource is a compilation of online primary resources... The site concentrates on Government documents and information and while the bulk of the resources are from the United States, there are international entries as well. Resources include such items as U.S. Congressional Hearings and Resolutions, Federal Agency reports, transcripts of press conferences and briefings, USAID Fact Sheets, legislation, news releases and Presidential Communications, as well as texts of United Nations Security Council Resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and Protcols, selected international treaties and regulations and memoranda, orders and public notices from the Coalition Provisional Authority] compiled by Grace-Ellen McCrann, Chief, Government Documents & Reference Divisions, The City College of New York

Lost Heritage: Antiquities Stolen from Iraq's Regional Museums.These three publications were designed to aid in the recovery of antiquities stolen from Iraq's regional museums during the insurrection following the Gulf War, 1991. Museums in Amara, Basra, Kufa, Dirwaniya, Suleimaniya, Dohuk, Kirkuk and Wasit were vandalized, cases were smashed, and records were scattered. The antiquities published here are stolen goods, are not legally held, and can be recovered by police action. Anyone who encounters any of the objects published in Lost Heritage, or any other items that are recognizable as from Iraq's museums, should contact the appropriate authorities. [These publications are made available on-line with the kind permission of the original publishers:The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (formerly The American Association for Research in Baghdad), British School of Archaeology in IraqInstitute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University
State Board of Antiquities and Heritage.
Each of these documents is scanned from the copy in the collections of the Oriental Institute Research Archives. Image quality in the originals is uneven - being dependant on a variety of original sources. The scans reflect the quality of the published originals.]

Prepared at the Oriental Institute Research Archives in partnership with the Oriental Institute's Iraq Museum Working Group, and the Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraq Libraries

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Revised: April 15, 2005
Copyright 2006 Oriental Institute, University of Chicago