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Oriental Institute Research Archives Acquisitions Lists

RABooks List Information

By Charles E. Jones

Revised February 2002

The Research Archives of the Oriental Institute is one of the better libraries of ancient Near Eastern studies in North America. Organized in 1972 as the successor to the Oriental Institute Library when that collection was subsumed in the University of Chicago's Regenstein Library, the Research Archives seeks to provide comprevensive coverage of the ancient Near East to serve the reference and research needs of Oriental Institute projects, faculty, staff, students and members.

The Research Archives collections cover the languages and civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, Syria-Palestine, Anatolia, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula and related areas from the earliest periods to the Hellenistic period.

For many years, lists of recent acquisitions in the Research Archives were produced periodically and distributed informally. For a period in the 1990s the acquisitions lists were published more formally, but that ambitious project was abandoned in 1995.

The development of electronic media offers us new opportunities to distribute acquisitions lists widely and in a timely and inexpensive manner. It is our intention to distribute the Research Archives Acquisitions List monthly -- free of charge -- by means of an automated e-mailing list called "RAbooks" We hope also to use this list to distribute topical lists, lists of dissertations, and other useful material from time to time as they are developed here.

To add or remove your address from the list or to change the configuration of your subscription,please direct your browser to:

https://listhost.uchicago.edu/mailman/listinfo/rabooks, and fill in the appropriate form at the bottom of the page.

All references appearing in Research Archives Acquisitions Lists also appear in The Research Archives On-Line Catalogue

The Acquisitions Lists are also available on-line:

  1. Acquisitions - February 2000.
  2. Acquisitions - March 2000.
  3. Acquisitions - April 2000.
  4. Acquisitions - May 2000.
  5. Acquisitions - June 2000.
  6. Acquisitions - July 2000.
  7. Acquisitions - August-September 2000.
  8. Acquisitions - October 2000.
  9. Acquisitions - November-December 2000.
  10. Acquisitions - January-February 2001.
  11. Acquisitions - March-April 2001.
  12. Acquisitions - May-June 2001.
  13. Acquisitions - July-August 2001.
  14. Acquisitions - September-October 2001.
  15. Acquisitions - November-December 2001.
  16. Acquisitions - January-February 2002.

  1. Dissertations Available in the Research Archives in .pdf format. (October 16, 2000)

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Revised: February 21, 2003
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