Lost Treasures From Iraq

Looted Iraqi Art Auction: Artists Respond

To counter the senseless destruction of our cultural heritage in Iraq, we have come together as a community to show our support and respect for those artists before us who provided the basis for our civilization. We are donating our works for auction to generate funds on their behalf. The beneficiary of our collective efforts will be the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. The Institute has undertaken numerous important excavations in Iraq where many of the objects from the Iraq Museum are now feared to be lost. Scholars at the Oriental Institute have started an "Iraq Museum Database Project", a comprehensive database of objects from the Iraq Museum rooted on the Institute's own extensive records, but also incorporating information from other institutions. This database will not only help in the recovery of many artifacts but also create a valuable resource to educate the public about the splendors of the Iraq Museum and Mesopotamia in general. Oriental Institute research projects are funded mostly by donations from private sources or foundations; any type of unrestricted funding for emergency projects, such as the Iraq Museum Database Project, is very limited. We, therefore, look forward to your support of this exciting event that promises to include works from over eighty prominent artists from the Chicago area and from as far away as The Netherlands and Spain.

The Auction will take place Saturday, June 14th at 7 p.m. at Gallery Mornea at 624 Davis St. in Evanston. Speaking on behalf of the Oriental Institute will be Dr. Clemens Reichel. Iraqi poet Melysha Sargis Meraee will also be performing. There will be a Pre-Sale Preview Party at Gillock Gallery, 930 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, June 7th from 7 to 9 p.m. June 13th will be an Artist Thank You and Press Night Party at Gallery Mornea. All tickets for the Auction itself will be $20 and are tax deductible. Free parking is available. For more details call (847-864-1906).

Card was designed by Michael Monar and the sculpture on the inside of the card was done by Bill Anders

Artists Contributing to this Benefit

Adrian Tio (printmaker)
Alex Vasquez (painter)
Alexander (Sandy) Macnab (photographer)
Allison Hill (painter)
Andy Conklin (painter)
Ann Meade, Scottish artist living in Spain (painter)
Ann Ponce (painter)
Aron Packer (photography)
Audrey Niffenegger (etching)
Barbara Cooper (sculpture)
Barbara Goldsmith (sculpture)
Barbara Trentham (painter)
Beatrice Fisher (painter)
Bert Menco (printmaker)
Bettyann Mocek (printmaker)
Bill Anders (sculptor)
Bill Frederick (graphics)
Christopher Duquet (jeweler)
Connie Gillock (painter)
David Dreisbach (printmaker)
David Jones (printmaker)
Debora Maris Lader (printmaker)
Diane Thodos (printmaker)
Dick Detzner (painter)
Ed Paschke (painter)
Eleanor Spies-Ferris (painter)
Emile Ferris (painter)
Elizabeth Ockwell (printmaker)
Fletcher Hayes (painter)
Gabriella Boros (painter)
Gail Bradford (printmaker)
Gay Riseborough (painter)
Ginny Sykes (printmaker)
Greta Cune(printmaker)
Ian Weaver (printmaker)
Isz (painter)
Heather Accurso (graphics)
Jackie Moses (painter)
James McNeill Mesplé (painter
Janet Bloch (painter)
Janine Coupe-Ryding (printmaker)
Jeff McNear (printmaker)
Jeff Wolin (photographer)
Jessica Lucas (painter)
Jill Zylke (painter)
John Kurtz (painter)
John Rush (printmaker)
John Walté (computer artist)
Judy Geichman (painter)
Judy Robins (sculptor)
Julie Cowan (printmaker)
Karen Hanmer (book artist)
Karen Kain (painter)
Karen Perl (painter)
Kass Copeland (painter)
Kim Laurel (printmaker)
Kurt Frankenstein (printmaker/painter)
Laura Montenegro (painter)
Linda Kramer (painter)
Lisa Zunschke (painter)
Liz Fink (glass artist)
Lorna Marsh (painter)
Louise LeBourgeois (painter)
Lou Mallozzi (sound artist)
Lucia Miller (sculpture)
Mardy Sears (printmaker)
Margaret Lanterman (sculptor)
Matthew Ballou (painter)
Melissa Ebbe (painter)
Melissa Craig (book artist)
Meltem Aktas (painter)
Michael Barnes (printmaker)
Michael Hernandez de Luna (print/stampmaker)
Michael Monar (photographer:)
Michael Paxton (painter)
Micka Klauck (printmaker)
Nancy Plotkin (painter)
Pamela Callahan (painter)
Paula Campbell (printmaker:)
Pete Olson (printmaker)
Riva Lehrer (painter )
Ruth Hecht (pottery)
Sandra Binion (performance/print)
Scott Cheney (gallery director:)
Sue Sommers (painter)
Shannon Lunkes (printmaker)
Shelley Gilchrist (painter)
Sheryl Orlove (printmaker)
Steve Carelli (painter)
Steve Grant (painter)
Tim Anderson (painter)
Toby Zallman (sculpture)
Thor Faegre (twig furniture maker)
Wendy Ennes (photographer)
Zhou Brothers (painters)

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