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LostTreasures from Iraq

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        Our object database, IM bibliography, and our display of archaeological site photos reflect work in progress, and we are aware that errors and ommissions occur. Any help that will improve, update or correct our data entries is therefore highly welcome. Please understand that we will not be able to incorporate every bit of information submitted or acknowledge every message that we receive.

Information regarding the whereabouts of stolen objects should be sent to appropriate law enforcement agencies. To avoid misunderstandings, BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE URL OF THE RELEVANT PAGE ON OUR SITE FOR REFERENCE.

        These pages are intended to inform the public about the state of archaeological sites and objects in Iraq and to facilitate the recovery of objects stolen from the Iraq Museum. They are not meant to be exhaustive publications. Descriptions of objects in the Iraq Object Database are short and only contain elements necessary to identify an object should it be encountered. The bibliographic sources used for our descriptions are listed at the bottom of one of these pages; interested parties should consult them for further information. We cannot field requests for more detailed information on particular objects.

Regarding permission to republish images from this site:
    We only hold the copyright for images credited to the "Oriental Institute". WE CANNOT GIVE PERMISSION TO REPUBLISH PHOTOGRAPHS FOR WHICH WE DO NOT HOLD THE COPYRIGHT! On object pages, the names of copyright holders are stated at the bottom of each page; for site photos they are stated on the introductory page. Requests for permission to reproduce Joanne Farchakh's photographs should be directed to Joanne Farchakh (joannef@terra.net.lb) Please make your own contacts--we CANNOT act as mediators.

• For comments on the Iraq Museum object database contact Clemens Reichel (cdreiche@midway.uchicago.edu)

• For comments on the Iraq Museum bibliography contact Charles Jones (cejo@midway.uchicago.edu)

• For comments on site photos (including Farchakh's photographs) contact Clemens Reichel (cdreiche@midway.uchicago.edu)

Lost Treasures Homepage
Iraq Museum Database Homepage Site Photos IraqCrisis Mailing List
Contact us

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