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Photographs taken by Joanne Farchakh-Bajjaly in Iraq (2002 - 2004)

        Joanne Farchakh-Bajjaly is a Lebanese archaeologist and journalist with an M.A. in Art & Archaeology (1996) and an M.A. in Journalism (1998) from the Lebanese University in Beirut. She has excavated in Lebanon (Beirut, 1993-1996) and in Syria (Um el-Tellal, 1997). She is Mideast correspondent for Archéologia magazine, but reports of hers also have appeared in the Daily Star, Al-Athar (Beirut), Revue du Patrimoine Mondial and Museum International (Paris), and in Archaeology Magazine (USA). From 1998 to 2003 she worked as editor of the "Archaeology and Heritage" page of  L'Orient-Le Jour.

        Between 1998 and 2004, Farchakh has made numerous trips to Iraq to document the state of its archaeological sites.  Her site photographs bear dramatic testimony to the damage that sites such as Umma, Umm al-Aqarib, and Larsa in the South, or Nimrud and Nineveh in the North have suffered from looting since the 2003 Iraq War. In May 2003, one month after the end of the Iraq War, she visited the Iraq Museum and documented the damage by looting that had occurred under the eyes of Coalition Forces after the fall of Baghdad in early April.

        She has presented papers on her work in Iraq at the World Archaeological Congress (Washington D.C., 2003), at the Global Heritage Fund Workshop on Iraqi Heritage, (Petra, Jordan, June 2004), and at the International Symposium for Cultural Heritage Protection (Istanbul, Turkey, July 2004).

       In conjunction with her lecture tour through the United States (a webcast of her lecture at Berkeley given on February 7, 2005 is available on-line), Farchakh has kindly provided us with numerous photographs taken on these trips. 162 of these images are posted here with her permission.

Museum Photos

Recovered Objects

Site Photos

       More site photographs from other sources have been posted our site photograph overview. Cross references between these and other Farchakh's photographs will be added in the near future. Additions and corrections to identifications or descriptions of these images are welcome; please forward them to Clemens Reichel (cdreiche@midway.uchicago.edu).
          Copyright and permissions: Questions concerning permissions to reproduce any of these photographs should be directed to Joanne Farchakh (joannef@gmail.com) herself, NOT to the Oriental Institute.

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