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Lost Treasures from Iraq--Objects

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stone -- cylinder seal -- animals -- goat

stone -- cylinder seal -- animals -- lion

stone -- cylinder seal -- animals -- scorpion

stone -- cylinder seal -- combat -- animal combat

stone -- cylinder seal -- combat -- male versus animal

seal + modern impression
  • bibliography and image source: Martin, Harriet: (unpublished; courtesy British School of Archaeology in Iraq). .
  • copyright for image:  British School of Archaeology in Iraq
• museum number: -

excavation number: AbS1711

provenience: Abu Salabikh

dimension(s) (in cm):
height: 3.1; diam.: 1.5

material: white limestone

date: -

The top edge of the seal is chipped and worn; the surface is corroded in places. A horned, shaggy fleeced goat collapses to the left with its head to the ground. Its upended hindquarters are attacked by lions from either side. The lion on the right is attacked by a human figure from behind. He raises his right hand as if to stab the lion (cf. Amiet La Glyptique Mesopotamienne Archaique,1980 Pl. 77 no. 1020 and Pl. 78 no. 1034), but no dagger is shown in his hand. One of the two vertical strokes in front of his left hand may represent the lion's tail. The other may be a weapon held in the left hand. A large scorpion balanced on its tail fills the space between the ends of the combat scene. (See Amiet 1980 Pl. 77bis J for a similar composition but without the human figure.) Deeply cut lines indicate the heads and limbs of the figures and the fleece of the goat. All heads are in profile.

status: feared to be stolen

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