The Library of Congress and the Cultural Property Office of the US Department of State Mission To Baghdad
Report on the National Library and the House of Manuscripts
October 27-November 3, 2003

Mary-Jane Deeb, Ph.D. Team Leader
Arab World Area Specialist

Michael Albin, Chief
Anglo-American Acquistions

Alan Haley
Senior Preservation Specialist

This report was initially distributed by e-mail on November 28th, 20003.

The first on-line version was published without illustrations on December 2nd on the website of the Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraqi Libraries at the request of the authors and The Library of Congress

A second version, including illustrations appeared on December 4th, 2003

A third, more generously illustrated version appeared at the Library of Congress website on December 16th, 2003, along with a Press Release announcing that "A 30-minute film titled 'The Library's Mission to Baghdad,' produced by the Library and featuring interviews with the team members, will debut at the American Library AssociationŐs 2004 Midwinter Meeting to be held Jan. 9-14 in San Diego, Calif."

The Middle East Librarians Association Committee on Iraqi Libraries published the following in July 2003:

Pictures of Damaged Libraries in Iraq.
The photographs presented here document damage to libraries in Iraq during and after the war in April 2003. Most of them are provided by Nabil al-Tikriti, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. They were taken during his trip to Baghdad on 25-31 May 2003. They accompany his report: Iraq Manuscript Collections, Archives, & Libraries: Situation Report, dated 8 June 2003. The remaining photographs were taken by McGuire Gibson, Professor of Mesopotamian Archaeology, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. He was a member of the UNESCO team which visited Baghdad in May 2003.

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Published online: December 19, 2003

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