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April 19, 2004

•  NPR (National Public Radio)
   - All Things Considered: Volunteers Aid in Recovering Iraqi Artifacts (interviews with Clemens Reichel and Karen Terras, by Matthew Hackworth)

March 17, 2004

•  SWR2 (Südwestrundfunk 2)
   - Kultur Heute: Geraubte Vergangenheit: Das Geschäft mit geplünderten Kulturgütern
(report + interviews with Margarete van Ess (German Archaeological Institute) and Clemens Reichel, by Sonja Striegl)
     (also available as a manuskript:

January 6, 2004

•  New York Times
   - Eyes on Mesopotamian Glory
By Stephen Kinzer

July 10, 2003

•  CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Center) World News
   - The Current: Iraqi Artifacts (interviews with Clemens Reichel; host: Laura Lynn)

June 26, 2003

•  Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich, Switzerland)
Entwarnung ist fehl am Platz  (interview with Clemens Reichel)
      By Hans-Peter von Däniken

June 11, 2003

• Chicago Sun Times

   U. of C. experts decry looting of Iraqi sites
    By Dave Newbart

May 16, 2003

• Chicago Tribune
   Experts revise scope of theft from museum
   By Tom Hundley

April 29, 2003

• National Geographic News

   Hunt for Stolen Iraqi Antiquities Moves to Cyberspace
    by Brian Handwerk

  April 28, 2003

• Wired News
   Looted Iraqi Art Displayed Online
   By Ryan Singel,1284,58640,00.html,1377,58640,00.html

April 27, 2003

• St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  Antiquities experts post online Treasures of Baghdad Museum
  By Robert W. Duffy
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April 19, 2003

• Chicago Sun Times
   Scholars here make Catalog of Sacked Museum
   By Dave Newbart
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April 18, 2003

• New York Daily News
   Job for Indiana Jones & G-men
   By Helen Kennedy

April 17, 2003

• Detroit Free Press
   Baghdad Treasures: Museum raid looks planned

   By Matthew Schofield and Nancy A Youssef

• St. Petersburg Times
   Iraq Museum looting may have been planned
   Compiled from Times wires

• Tages-Anzeiger (Zurich, Switzerland)
   Ein Verlust von unermesslichem Wert (interview with Clemens Reichel)
   By Hans-Peter von Däniken

• Southern California Public Radio
   - Talk of the City: The Black Market for Antiquities (interview with Clemens Reichel;host: Kitty Felde)

April 16, 2003

•  Post Gazette

    Museums try to keep stolen Iraq antiquities off market
    By Caroline Abels, Post-Gazette Cultural Arts Writer

April 15, 2003

•  CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Center) World News
   - The Current: Iraqi Artifacts (interviews with T. Cuyler Young [University of Toronto], and Clemens Reichel; host: Anna Maria Tremonti)

March 31, 2003

• Southern California Public Radio
   - Air Talk: War in Mesopotamia (interview with Clemens Reichel; host: Larry Mantle)

   - Talk of the City: The Ancient History of Iraq (interview with McGuire Gibson; host: Kitty Felde)

March 20, 2003
    Archeologists fear for Iraqi Sites--Scholars urge that Antiquities be protected during War
     By Robert Cooke
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March 10, 2003

•  Chicago Tribune
   Casualty count could include Iraq Antiquities
   By Bill Glauber
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March 1, 2003

•  CNN
   Experts fear for Iraq's archaeological treasure
    By Alphonso Van Marsh
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